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"Facebook Diaper Humiliation"

Full length movie 54 minutes playing time
Featuring Veronica and a humiliated YOU

Your wife is sick of you lounging around just watching porn all day and eating snacks. You don't even try to get a job. Just useless, rude and demanding and she has had enough.

She complains about you on Facebook and almost immediately gets a reply. She did not know this but one of her new friends said she was in the same unhappy life some years ago until she made a baby out of her husband.

Your wife immediately went to the store and came back with baby supplies.

She pulled off your pants, rubbed powder onto your dick, balls and bum and put a disposable diaper on you. She stopped you going to the bathroom and you actually peed into your diaper like a baby. This is unbelievable. She actually has you on a change mat changing your wet diaper.

Not only that, she totally humiliates and embarrasses you by posting photos of your regression on Facebook. Her friends and your friends are all viewing photos of you having your diaper changed. You will never be able to set foot outside your house again

The whole deal. In diapers, in baby clothes, changing your wet diaper, being breast feed and spoon fed.

Now her life is much better she has you totally under her control and you are even calling her step-mommy. Life is sweet now.

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